Commercial Plastering Apprentices

Our two apprentices have an age range of 17 to 19 years old and have just begun their journey in the commercial plastering sector. 

Their initial training will see them using a number of tools and materials including British gypsum plasterboard, board finish, collated dry wall screws, dry wall adhesive and plastering tools such as a plaster mixer, hawk trowel, collated screw gun, straight edges and Derbys.  

Sam is keen to learn but needs frequent reminders about procedures and policies.  His contribution to our team so far has been great and he is picking it up quickly.  

Damian is hard working and has adapted quickly to working life.  He, like Sam, often needs a brief reminder about the rules of the game; he is responsible and drives himself forward and isn’t fazed by any tasks he is given.  

We are switching their focus all the time as they learn to work with members of our team and try to avoid “initiative” tests such as the bag of plaster test (involving holding a bag of plaster above your head for as long as possible or until the man behind you cuts it with a Stanley knife) and the block worm test (where the apprentice is told to brush the new concrete block to create static to bring out the block worm lol).  

The life of an apprentice is a testing one; they are constantly being asked to load the properties out with plaster board and bags of adhesive, skim etc.  But, as I’m sure if you’re reading this as a time-served plasterer, you’re more than aware of the donkey work part of the job that you have to learn before you’re allowed fully on the tools.  

All in all, I think that although their journey is a long one, those in the trade know how hard plastering is to pick up and perfect.  It will be full of ups and downs but the end result will be they will end up with a trade for life.  It will make them have extremely high standards and want to be the top of their game. 

Keep an eye out for future exciting news about all of our apprentices!  

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