Domestic God(desses)

Domestic plastering is a great trade, if you can get the right plasterer to come into your home and do a great job.

Most customers first questions are about how clean and tidy are you and, I have to be honest here, I wouldn’t say even with all my years’ experience that I’m the cleanest.

At the end of the day we are pouring bags of powder into gallons of water and then spreading that creamy bad boy all over your walls and ceilings; this is not a tidy trade.

However, what I would say is that, as long as your plasterer makes allowances for the mess, then you’re in good hands.  The plasterer should have covers for the windows, doors and frames (especially if they are metal sprayed frames as they scratch badly) and they should also have a mixing sheet (usually plastic to prevent any water penetrating onto any flooring underneath).  They should also have sheeting for any areas required such as entrance ways and areas around where they are working.

Once the plasterer is set up I would recommend leaving him to do his job; he is a professional and will not take kindly to being watched (a cup of tea or coffee is highly recommended).

The plasterer should always have a good tidy around at the end of the day, making sure he has cleaned any mess from the windows, doors, cleaning out and around any socket’s door frames etc.

My advice when it comes to plastering in your home always use a recommended plasterer or ask for a previous client testimonial. You could always come and ask at K & L Plastering; although our focus is on commercial work, we do some domestic work, but can always recommend plasterers to our clients that we know and trust if we are unable to help them.

Recommendations such as:

D Ward Builders and Property Maintenance (Darren ward) Wakefield

NH Plastering (Neil Hall) Wakefield

Cooke’s Plastering (Joel Cooke ) Leeds

SGW Building and Structural Finishing (Steve Ward) Wakefield

If you’re having work done or looking to have work done and want some free advice please drop us an email at

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